premature ejaculation treatment
premature ejaculation

What is BESTWE?

BESTWE is 100% herbal anti premature ejaculation product, it can increase your sex time from 30 minutes to 1 hour+. The key components in BESTWE have been used over thousands of years in ancient China, especially in ancient China imperial palace.

BESTWE contains authentic herbs Songaria Cynomorium Herb, Cherokee Rose Fruit etc. which have been used for anti premature ejaculation over thousands of years.

BESTWE does not like other kinds of products to work by narcotizing pudendal nerve, people will lose pleasure when increasing sex time; BESTWE will only work on epithelial cells of penis, not affect pudendal nerve to form pleasure.

BESTWE also does not like other kinds of products making penis numbness to affect sex pleasure, while normal feeling after you use it. Is it so cool hey!

BESTWE is easy to use, you just need to open one sachet, rub your penis, especially glans part, then you will have 3 days happy sex life. During 3 days, you can wash penis and it does not affect result of the product.

BESTWE is packed 30 pcs in the parcel, for 90 days use, only 99.99USD, Free Shipping by EMS, we hope our this deal will make you happy and get joyful sex life!

BESTWE should be stored in cool, dry and dark place, and valid date is 2 years.

Enjoy shopping everyone!