stop premature ejaculation
premature ejaculation treatment


BESTWE is 100% herbal anti premature ejaculation product, it can increase your sex time from 30 minutes to 1 hour+. The key components in BESTWE have been used over thousands of years in ancient China, especially in ancient China imperial palace. BESTWE contains authentic herbs Songaria Cynomorium Herb, Cherokee Rose Fruit etc. which have been used for anti premature ejaculation over thousands of years.


Pharmaceutical name: Herba Cynomorii songarici

Latin name: Cynomorium songaricum Rupr.

Common Name: Songaria Cynomorium Herb.

Properties: Sweet, Warm.

Channels: Spleen, kidney, large intestine.

Actions & Indications: Impotence, constipation due to anemia, lack of strength in loin and knee areas.


Pharmaceutical name: Fructus Rosae laevigatae

Latin name: Rosa laevigata Michx.

Common Name: Cherokee Rose Fruit.

Properties: Sour, sweet, astringent.

Channels: Spleen, lung, kidney, bladder, large intestine.

Actions & Indications: Spermatorrhea, diarrhea, frequent urination, pixu (spleen deficient) with yeast infection, pixu (spleen deficient) with chronic diarrhea, lung deficient with cough and asthma, instant sweating, night sweating, heavy vagina bleeding not during menses.

Medical function: Lowers the plasma cholesterol and β-lipoprotein, and lessen the degree of damage of coronary atherosclerosis of rabbits; inhibits the contraction of smooth muscles; stops diarrhea; the alcohol extract of the root can resist oxygen deprivation.